Why do companies use Phenol in products – Its Properties & Uses

Phenol is a very important organic compound. It is present is in the form of solid product and it is used for the preparation of various products. The proper handling of this product is very necessary because it cause burn. First it was extracted from coal tar and you can convert this compound into plastic and other related materials and products. In most cases the phenols is used in the preparation of nylon and detergents. Similarly you can also use this compound in the preparation of herbs and insecticides. The medial use of this product is also important. Do you know about the physical properties of this product? It is a colorless solid material and usually it is sold as a liquid product. It has very pungent and penetrating odor. The most important property of this product is that it evaporates slowly than water and it can also absorb in the water. This product can catch fire quickly.

This compound is man made but it you can find this compound naturally in the organic material and animal wastes. The main and big use of this product is to make the plastics but you can also use this product in the preparation of nylon. Similarly you can make the resins and fibers with the help of phenol. Mostly it is used for the preparation of proxy resins for moldings. This chemical compound is very effective against various types of insects and microorganisms. Therefore you can use this compound for the elimination of microorganism and insects. This compound is very essential part of insecticides and poisons. Therefore it is very dangerous for human health. The direct contact with this product may be dangerous for you.

Phenol is also used in the medications like ear drops. It is also used as a neurolytic agent for the treatment of severe pain. Therefore it is very important for the medical products. In the dermatology this compound is mostly used. It is very effective in face peeling. Therefore you can use this compound for the treatment of skin rash and scars. For the treatment of ingrown nails this compound is very effective and better. You can use this chemical compound in the manufacturing of insulation materials and perfumes. Similarly it is very important in the manufacturing of dyes, rubber and ink. Therefore phenol is very important for our daily life. It is important medically and from industrial point of view. Industrially it is involved in the preparation of various products like resins and paints. Medically it is important in the manufacturing of medicines and insecticides.

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